About gems treatment

Most of the stones that you can see in our shop are untreated.

If the stone has been treated, we will definitely indicate this fact in the description, including an indication of the treatment method. Discussions of whether gemstones treatment is acceptable or not, centers more around the type of treatment method and disclosing information about treatment by the seller to the buyer. The stones such as tanzanite or topaz in most cases are treated to acquire the color for which they are so valued. In the case of tanzanite, this is heat treatment, which is a common processing method for most of tanzanites. This treatment method is stable and the stone will forever retain its color and properties. In the case of topaz, this is irradiation treatment. This treatment method is reversible. Due to prolonged exposure to bright daylight, over time, the color of such a gemstone will become less bright and saturated. For more than half of the sapphires offered in the international market, the heat treatment processing is used. Such processing gives for sapphire a rich bright color and this treatment is not reversible in the future. But any treatment method must be disclosed to the buyer, who must decide for himself what is acceptable and what is not. There are also methods of gemstones treating that significantly affected of their valuable. For example - titanium diffusion for blue sapphires, which creates a thin near-surface layer of blue color. Beryllium diffusion of yellow, pink and blue sapphires, which is can be diagnosed only in a third-party gemological laboratory by chemical analysis. Glass filling cracks in corundum group (rubies and sapphires). Filling cracks by syntetic rubber and resin in tourmalines and emeralds, coloring of emeralds with green oil (Joban). And if treatment of emeralds with colorless cedar oil is an acceptable and usual method, then coloring with Joban is recognized as an unethical method of emeralds treatment. We do not offer the stones with this kind of treatment and always disclose information about the treatment in the gemstone description.

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