About cutting quality

What is the difference between commercial cut and precision cut?

There are many ways to make mistakes in faceting a gem but only a very few ways to facet a high quality gemstone. Commercially cut gemstones make up the majority on the market. They are cut mostly in the factories and small workshops or by individual cutters in Southeast Asia, India and Africa. But in most of the cases сommercial cut gemstones leave much to be desired. Sometimes due to the lack of necessary knowledge, but more often due to mass production, the cutter focuses on obtaining the maximum weight of the finished stone and saving cutting time. The philosophy of this approach is very simple - Carats=money. Сommercial cut gemstones often have a numbers of following problems such a displacement of the culet of pavilion relative to the center of gemstone table, irregular geometry, for example, a uncorrect angle of the pavilion facets relative to the table due to insufficient height of parent raw piece to its width, or its excessive depth, which causes the formation of such a phenomenon as a window - light leakage through the facets of pavilion down, due to which center of the stone becomes transparent like a glass and do not return the light. Or - extinction, when the light is lost inside gemstone and table becomes dark in case of too deep stones and stones with convexed pavilion edges (belly). Also, in commercial cut stones, you can find low-quality polishing of facets, small chips on the facets edges and incorrect facet meet points when convergence points of facets have wrong intersection. Each of this mistake affects for the general appearance of the stone. Kills such important factors as correct return of the light to the viewer and as a result, beautiful color, brilliance and sparkles. All the things we love gems so much for. The precision cutter, on the over side, focuses to obtaining the maximum beauty of the gemstone. The correct proportions, right orientation of the table to get best color, the quality of facets polishing and necessarily the exact critical angles of the pavilion relative to the crown, to maximize the spectacular return of light through gemstone table, even to the detriment of the final weight, if for this it is necessary cut a gemstone of smaller size and weight. We do not save the weight of gemstones. We cut our gems according to the precision cutting rules. We are works to expose the maximum potential of the gemstone, its color, brilliance and uniqueness, to make our customers happy.

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