Precision cut 5,37 ct Garnet Rhodolite from Malawi

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Weight: 5.37ct.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.52mm x 9.84mm x 6.51mm

Precision cut, 5,37 ct. Garnet Rhodolite from Malawi. Color is pinkish-red. Cutting shape - fantasy oval. Name of cutting diagram - Piggot Replica. Autor of diagram Robert W. Strickland. Have inclusion in the side part of stone near rundist area. This inclusion slightly visible by naked eye only in the very close inspection, does not affect to the brilliance and does not spoil the stone. Beautiful and sparkling garnet.
Mineral    - Garnet Rhodolite
Color      - Pinkish-red
Shape      - Fantasy oval
Weight     - 5,37 ct.
Origin     - Malawi
Dimensions - 11,52 x 9,84 x 6,51 mm
Treatment  - No Treatment (Untreated)
Clarity    - VS
Hardness   - 7 on Moh's scale

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