Precision cut Garnet Rhodolite 2,28 ct - Mozambique

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Weight: 2.28ct.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 7.28mm x 7.27mm x 5.08mm

Сolor shift precision cut Garnet Rhodolite 2,28 ct from Mozambique, Manica province in square cushion shape.
Intence purplish-pink color (fucshia) under daylight shift to peachy-orange under incandescent light. Few very very small routille inclusions wich can be slightly visible in the foto/video and invisible by naked eye in reality. Clarity of this stone - VS.
Name of cutting diagram - Emerald Barion Variation. Autor of diagram George Beard. Stone is very beautiful und stuning with unic color, good luster and perfect cutting. To understand real color of the stone under daylight watch the video. Last photo is color of the stone under incandescent light.
HD quality video below.
Mineral    - Garnet Rhodolite
Color      - Purplish-pink
Shape      - Square cushion
Weight     - 2,28ct.
Origin     - Mozambique (Manica province)
Dimensions - 7,27 x 7,28 x 5,08 mm
Treatment  - No Treatment (Untreated)
Clarity    - VS
Hardness   - 7 on Moh's scale

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