Precision cut 3,54 ct. Pink Tourmaline from D.R. Congo

Product Code: TP021-503.54
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Weight: 3.54ct.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.23mm x 8.12mm x 6.33mm

Nice Precision cut Polichrome Purplish-Pink Congo Tourmaline in octagone shape.

Color is - purplish-pink with very slightly dichroism to pinkish-yellow. Good luster! Ideal cutting! Name of  cutting diagram - FVS-115. Autor of diagram Fred W. Van Sant.

Stone is eye clean. Close to loupe clean.

HD quality video below.

Mineral Type - Natural Tourmaline

Weight          - 3,54 ct.

Dimensions  - 10,23 x 8,12 x 6,33 mm

Color             - Purplish-pink

Shape            - Octagone

Origin            - D.R. Congo

Treatment     - No Treatment (Untreated)

Clarity            - VS  (Eye clean)

Hardness       - 7 on Moh's scale

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