Precision cut 5,40 ct Yellow Tourmaline from D.R.Congo

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Weight: 5.40ct.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 10.60mm x 10.60mm x 8.18mm

Pretty nice precision cut natural yellow Tourmaline from D.R. Congo. Saturated yellow color with very slightly greenish hue. Very good luster! The shape is square cushion.
Name of cutting diagram - Mikan. Autor of diagram - Marco Voltolini. Clarity - eye clean. Close to loupe clean. Beautiful sparkling stone with rare color for Tourmaline!
Note: Dispersion of tourmaline is match more than quartz groupe. Tourmaline have more luster and brilliance. So... This stone doesen't looks like citrine or any quartz.

Please, watch HD quality video below.
Mineral Type  - Natural Tourmaline
Color             - Very slightly Greenish-Yellow
Shape           - Square cushion
Weight          - 5,40 ct.
Dimensions  - 10,60 x 10,60 x 8,18 mm
Clarity - VVS - Eye clean
Origin            - D.R. Congo
Treatment     - No Treatment (Untreated)
Hardness      - 7 on Moh's scale

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