Precision cut yellow Congo Tourmaline 6,28 ct. in round shape

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Product Code: TY021-506.28
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Weight: 6.28ct.
Dimensions (LxWxH): x 11.38mm x 8.64mm

Very nice round shape precision cut pastel color Greenish-Yellow Congo Tourmaline with very sligtly red cup. Clean as a glass. Very good luster!
Name of cutting diagram - Happy Holidays. Autor of diagram - Jim Perkins.

Please, watch HD quality video below.
Mineral Type  - Natural Tourmaline
Color         - Greenish-Yellow
Shape         - Round
Weight        - 6,28 ct.
Dimensions    - 11,38 x 8,64 mm
Clarity - VVS - Eye clean
Origin        - D.R. Congo
Treatment     - No Treatment (Untreated)
Hardness      - 7 on Moh's scale

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