We do custom faceting for order from our own or customer raw material.

Our company specializes in the export of raw materials from East and Southeast Africa and Southeast Asia and following cutting in Eastern Europe. We working to offer for our customers beautiful gems in the our precision cut. We choosing only cleanest high-quality raw materials, personally selecting and testing each piece by hand of our gemologist in the mining areas offices. 

We specialist in pyralspite and andradite garnets from Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. Tourmalines from East African countries. Best color blue sapphires from Ceylon, pink sapphires from Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi, opals from Ethiopia, and other fine gemstones such as tanzanite, aquamarine, spinel, zircon and others. 

We cut stones following the highest quality standards. Working to turn out each raw piece to the beautiful gem. Before being sold, gemstones go through a three-step process: identification, classification, and finally valuation.

Our gems comes from conflict-free areas and are ethically sourced by local artisanal miners.

Our office:

16-7 Griboedovi str., Sevan, 1505, Armenia

Tel: +37455585436

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